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Who are OA Knee Pain?

OA Knee Pain was established due to the increasing number of people suffering and being diagnosed with osteoarthritis, and a group of experts have got together to provide all the information regarding the condition, diagnosis, treatment options and management to help you understand and find the best treatment options, help and guidance for you.

As an organisation our focus is knee osteoarthritis and we have access to a host of experts specialising in the diagnosis, treatment, management and research of osteoarthritis, these experts have varying perspectives and experience of the osteoarthritis journey; which include Orthopaedic surgeons, consultants, specialist physiotherapists, GP’s, Orthotists who all work to treat and manage the mobility of patients and help improve the quality of their life. The latest research of surgical options and non-invasive treatments are highlighted and discussed/considered throughout the site.

Our goal is to bring knee osteoarthritis sufferers together so that not only can they learn more about the condition and the options available to them in managing it, but to allow them to share their experiences with others as they are not alone.

Each month there are over 50,000 searches in Google for ‘osteoarthritis’ and we believe that this community should be brought together and given all the information regarding the disease for better outcomes and more options to consider which best suits your individual or family members needs and lifestyle. The condition itself can be explained quite simply, but it can affect everyone differently which is why we feel it is important to bring these stories together leading to a better understanding of the disease and being fully informed about all the options, help and support available to you.

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