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Arthritis Research UK and the country’s #JointProblem

11th September 2017

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Recently, Arthritis Research UK, an organisation we work closely with, has launched a major nationwide campaign based on extensive research that will highlight the issues surrounding arthritis that the UK is facing currently. With hard hitting statistics and powerful image adverts, it is apparent that a large amount of time and effort has gone into this campaign that will undoubtedly bring the seriousness of arthritis in the UK to the forefront of our social consciousness.

Arthritis Research UK - Nations Joint Problem - OA Knee Pain

The campaign works hard to highlight the extent of the impact that arthritis has, even showing that whether directly or indirectly, it affects us all. As part of the campaign launch, ARUK has released a report titled ‘The Nation’s Joint Problem’, which demonstrates the current and future impact of two major forms of arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Osteoarthritis (OA).

The key findings highlighted in the report relate to the impact on four main aspects of the population; the economy, the health service, individuals and families. It also states that “even though nine in ten people with arthritis (88%) describe it as a debilitating and life-restricting condition, it is largely invisible from the public.” The report suggests that this is because it is hidden, carries a stigma, and is often dismissed as ‘an old person’s disease’.

The executive of Arthritis Research UK said “There is a complete mismatch between the enormous impact arthritis has on individuals, their families and society and the attention, priority and resources society currently gives to it. As a result, people with arthritis do not get the help or support that they need. We are all losing out. Whether it’s an employer who loses out on the skills of an employee, a child who misses out on playing with their parents or grandparents, the strain on the NHS’s resources, or someone with arthritis who is trying to get through every day in pain, the impact of arthritis is being felt across the whole of society.”

Along with the image ads, which powerfully and effectively communicate the extent of the issue, ARUK has also released a TV ad that emotively tells the story of Ray, a man who is released from prison and is trying to turn his life around yet is prevented from doing so due to his arthritis pain. The video ends with a statistic from the research, highlighting how many working days are lost in the UK due to issues related to arthritis also showcasing the reputable research that is backing up the entire campaign.

OA Knee Pain is proud to work so closely with an organisation that works perilously to make arthritis an issue that is important to everyone, not just those who are suffering or affected. Anne Kearl, who has osteoarthritis, said “Pain is normal to me. It’s always there. I may paint a smile on my face, but I will be hurting all over. It’s had a big impact on my mental health; pain and depression feed off each other and in my experience, it’s hard to separate them out much of the time. I never know when I wake up if I’m going to have a good day or a ‘just got to get through it’ day. That’s the reality of living with arthritis.”

OA Knee Pain has access to a network of expert organisations that are on hand to help you understand your knee pain. Whether you suspect you may be experiencing osteoarthritis or have been diagnosed and are looking for ways to manage your pain and avoid surgery, we are on hand to help you and proud to support organisations that are as dedicated to raising awareness about arthritis as ARUK.

You can access the campaign website here or you can view the full report here.

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