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AXA PPP in partnership with Össur, creator of the Unloader One

12th December 2018

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This year AXA PPP has announced that it will now be funding conservative treatment for unicompartmental osteoarthritis under its private healthcare cover in the form of offloading knee brace, the Unloader One. The Unloader One knee brace is the only knee brace funded by AXA PPP for the treatment of osteoarthritis as an alternative to surgical intervention, where appropriate. This means that the knee brace, which usually costs £599 out of pocket for a patient looking to pursue alternative, non invasive treatment, is now available for free under the healthcare cover provided by AXA PPP.

Osteoarthritis is the most common musculoskeletal condition in older people with approximately 8.75 million people in the UK seeking treatment for OA each year. 98% of initial knee replacements are due to osteoarthritis, an offloading knee brace can reduce the need for this. The Unloader One has been clinically proven to be a cost effective method in bridging or delaying the need for knee replacement surgery with 25% of patients completely avoiding a total knee replacement after 24 months. Time off work due to arthritis will cost the UK economy £3.4bn a year, the same study on the Unloader One published in the BMJ found that 90% of employed patients with end-stage knee OA returned to work after being fitted with the brace.

The partnership between AXA PPP and Össur is revolutionary as it makes AXA PPP the first private medical company to offer conservative management of unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis. It means that non invasive treatment is now more accessible to patients across the UK allowing for more varied treatment options so there is something to suit everyone.

An employee from AXA tried out the Unloader One, you can read about his experience here.

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