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​Recently, Arthritis Research UK, an organisation we work closely with, has launched a major nationwide campaign based on extensive research that will highlight the issues surrounding arthritis that the UK is facing currently. With hard hitting statistics and powerful image adverts, it is apparent that a large amount of time and effort has gone into this campaign that will undoubtedly bring the seriousness of arthritis in the UK to the forefront of our social consciousness.

Orthotics can include splints, collars, insoles, support braces, dressings and many other products that help people with rehabilitation after a sports injury, or with ongoing movement problems. It’s a wide area, so this guide aims to untangle some of the specialist terms you may come across.


Having a basic understanding of medical terms relating to a specific condition can be useful for those suffering from that condition, helping them to better understand their condition and the treatment options available to them. This glossary should help anyone affected by common knee or leg disorders, such as osteoarthritis.

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