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​Cloudy With A Chance Of Pain

10th September 2018

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Many people experiencing knee pain express concerns or complaints about certain weather condition causing painful episodes or an increase in usual chronic pain. As this is quite common, it was a surprise to find that there doesn’t currently exist any scientific data or research on the existence of a relationship between the weather and pain; that is until now.

Professor Will Dixon, a scientist from the University of Manchester, is the brains behind Cloudy with a Chance of Pain; the world’s first smartphone-based study to investigate the association between weather and chronic pain.

The study, in association with Arthritis Research UK, began in January 2016 and ended in April 2017. It involved 13,256 participants tracking their pain symptoms each day for up to six months. These results are now in the process of being analysed and referenced against the weather at the time to ascertain if the weather had an impact on knee OA symptoms and pain.

There are a number of different experts working behind the scenes on Cloudy with a Chance of Pain including statisticians, epidemiologists and meteorologists. They are all working hard to ensure the data is analysed taking all things into account to produce the best and most reliable results at the end.

The results of the study will be published in the coming months and we will be discussing them along with some commentary from those running the study so be sure to check back for more info when we have it.

You can find out more about Cloudy with a Chance of Pain here.

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