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The Fundamentals of how a Knee Support Works

11th November 2021

Products that help to protect and support the knee following injury and to prevent further damage are widely available. There are many different styles and types to choose from, and they can be used to help a range of knee conditions. But just how do they work?

Products such as braces and sleeves can provide protection and support following a range of knee injuries, including sprains, swelling, bursitis, cartilage irritation, patellar tendonitis, chondromalacia patella and arthritis. They may also be used following surgery. They can be used for short-term use after minor injuries, or longer term for ongoing conditions that cause mild to moderate pain. They may also be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment or therapy, such as physiotherapy or medication.

Some supports are designed to offer compression to the knee, so that it supports the muscles and ligaments. They may also be used to maintain heat within the knee, which can help to increase circulation and promote healing. Some knee support aids are used by athletes following an injury, to help recovery and prevent further damage. Using a knee brace or sleeve cannot, however, guarantee knee injuries will never occur, more information on the different types are available on the NHS website.


It is important that the correct knee support aid is chosen to suit an individual's requirements. Some products can be obtained from health shops and pharmacies, but if an injury is ongoing or severe, it is worth getting the advice from a medical expert. Correct fitting and positioning is also essential. For effective use, the support should be used during all activities that pose a risk of injury or overuse to the knee.

We offer a range of products, simply visit our knee section. Before making a purchase check the indications for use listed on each product page to ensure it is designed to manage your condition and if you can’t find what you’re looking for then just ask.


Full sleeves provide support for all areas surrounding the knee. They are easy to use and retain heat. They are ideal for people who suffer occasional knee problems and are generally the cheapest. Open sleeve aids have a hole and support buttress at the front, which helps to reduce pressure on the kneecap. This is especially useful for sufferers of pain at the front of the knee, including runners knee or chondromalacia patella. Wrap around knee aids work to fit individual shapes and sizes, ideal if the knee is swollen. They have adjustable straps for ease of fitting. They may be open at the front, to reduce pressure on the patella, or they may be closed all the way round. They are easy to use, and since the size can be adjusted using the straps, there is no need to worry about measurement issues before fitting.

Whichever type of knee support aid you choose, it is important that it should feel comfortable and secure. Expert opinion is usually advised to ensure the correct product is chosen. If any pain still occurs, or worsens, when using the product, then discontinue use and try different types. Some products are designed for specific knee injuries or uses, such as protection during sports or following injuries, after surgery or to relieve conditions like arthritis.

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