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​Joint pain – do’s & don’ts

31st January 2018

If the knee, the hip or other joints are troubling you then here are a few “Do’s and don’ts” you should consider which can influence the progression of your osteoarthritis.

Do: Visit the doctor if you have joint pain.
Don’t: Keep suffering silently.

Do: Work out on a regular basis.
Don’t: Slacken off and avoid activity.

Do: Lead a health-conscious lifestyle
Don’t: Smoke and excessively consume alcohol

Do: Calorie conscious and joint-friendly nutrition (little meat and animal fat, a lot of fruit, vegetables, vegetable oil and salt-water fish), reduce overweight
Don’t: Overeat on sweats and animal fat, gain weight

Do: Wear well-fitting shoes with low heels, cushioning soles and insoles if needed
Don’t: High heels, too tight or pointed shoes with thin soles or slanting heels

Do: Use ergonomic tools and household aids, trolleys and a walking aid
Don’t: Be too proud to use medical devices

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