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Knee OA: Linking activity and pain (KOALAP)

16th September 2018

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The link between physical activity and knee pain is something that we are all aware of and make assumptions about but there hasn’t been any concrete research, until now. The same group of researchers from the University of Manchester responsible for the Cloudy with a chance of Pain study have created the Koalap.

The Koalap is a research study using Google Android wear to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between activity and pain.

The Koalap project invited men and women over the age of 50 who were diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis and have been living with pain for three or more months. The research involved the participants wearing a smartwatch for 3 months and answering a daily, weekly and monthly questionnaire on the watch and a smartphone app.

The explanation for the study says “at present we know very little about how knee osteoarthritis affects, and is affected by, levels of physical activity. This is despite patients often reporting that the impact of OA on their ability to undertake physical activity can have significant influence on quality of life’

The results of the study are currently being analysed and are due to be published late in 2018. We will be publishing the results with some commentary for the team behind this fascinating study so be sure check back.

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