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Meet Caroline and share her Unloader Moment

26th September 2017

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As someone who actively works in countryside management, a role which sees her being active for extended periods of time, the knee pain experienced by Caroline has had an adverse effect on not only her role but her lifestyle in general.

In recent years doctors have even suggested the possibility of undergoing a half knee replacement in an attempt to manage the condition, though this is not an option she feels she should be considering given the length of recovery time required and ultimately feeling that she is too young to embark on such an operation.

Caroline was part of the original ‘Unloader Moment’ study along with 7 other participants, led by Dr Sheila Strover, who wanted to see the ‘Unloader Moment’ for herself.

A series of eight videos were published on www.kneeguru.co.uk which show the participants experiencing their own ‘Unloader Moment’ with the brace.

We invite you to share in the ‘Unloader Moment’ on Facebook and twitter using #unloadermoment to share your story and view others.

What is the Unloader Moment?

The Unloader Moment is defined as the moment the Unloader One brace is fitted to a person suffering from knee pain for the first time and seeing their instant reaction and amazement. Dr Sheila Strover met with Össur at an educational meeting and after a number of discussions about the benefits of the Unloader One challenged Össur to demonstrate the knee brace in action.

In May 2014 filming took place under the supervision of a clinician as well as being witnessed by Dr Sheila Strover from KNEEguru, a website dedicated to offering learning resources pertaining to the knee joint.

For more information on the original study please visit the KNEEguru website.

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