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National Arthritis Week 2017

5th October 2017

The week commencing 9th October 2017 is National Arthritis Awareness week, a campaign run by Arthritis Research UK with the aim of raising awareness of Arthritis and the impact that is has on the UK. The organisation has recently launched a large-scale campaign, along with published research, called The Nation’s Joint Problem that draws into focus the ripple effect that arthritis can have on us all as individuals and as a country.

Arthritis is a condition that impacts a large proportion of the population in the UK regardless of age, race or gender, causing pain, swelling, lack of range of motion and stiffness. Arthritis, and the lack of understanding and awareness surrounding it, has a negative and costly impact on the individual suffering, the family members of those individuals, the NHS and the UK Economy. By increasing awareness of the condition, the aim is to reduce this negative impact across the board.

According to the research included in the report, “even though nine in ten people with arthritis (88%) describe it as a debilitating and life-restricting condition, it is largely invisible from the public.” The report suggests that this is because it is hidden, carries a stigma and is often dismissed as ‘an old person’s disease’. National Arthritis Awareness Week endeavours to change this so there is better understanding from the public, the healthcare system and employers surrounding just what the condition means for those suffering with it.

ARUK’s website states that “Arthritis impacts the lives of over 10 million adults in the UK” and showcases what this may cause for sufferers they recently launched a video advert focused on the story of ‘Ray’ a man who is doing everything he can to better himself but is being let down and prevented from doing so by the debilitating symptoms of arthritis.

Join Arthritis Research UK and OA Knee Pain in helping to raise awareness about the condition. In honour of National Arthritis Awareness week, OA Knee Pain is running a Facebook competition where you could be in with the chance of winning an Apple iWatch starting on Monday 9th October.

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