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The Rise of the 'Robocop' Knee Brace - Unloader One by Össur

4th September 2017

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The recent media coverage surrounding Ant McPartlin has shifted its focus from his struggle with an addiction to prescription pain killers, to living life pain free with a ‘Robocop’ knee brace.

The latest article highlights a landmark study and discusses the benefits of an offloading knee brace and more specifically, Össur’s Unloader One. The eight-year study concluded that the benefits of the Unloader One for patients with uni-compartmental osteoarthritis included delaying surgical intervention, with some opting against it altogether. Not only can the Unloader One alleviate pressure on the knee of the patient, but it can also reduce pressure on the NHS. ‘The total NHS bill for knee replacements is about £419 million a year’ according to the article featured in the Daily Mail, so by reducing the amount of knee replacements that need to take place through the use of a brace, we can reduce that overall cost.

Robocop Leg Brace - Unloader One Knee Brace - OA knee Pain

Many patients with knee pain or knee injuries are reluctant to undergo surgery, fears around infection, painful rehabilitation and function of the artificial knee as well as the life span of implanted knee joints, often meaning that a revision operation will need to be carried out when the first (primary) knee replacement has worn out on younger patients. Offloading knee braces, like the Unloader One, are a non-invasive orthopaedic solution that is proven to reduce pain, improve function and quality of life.

Robocop Leg Brace - Ossur Unloader One - OA Knee Pain

Sharron Davies, Olympic medal winning swimmer, has been vocal about her use of the Unloader One and how it has helped her avoid surgery and continue doing the things that she enjoys. Sharron told The Mail on Sunday, “as soon as you put the brace on, there is this incredible moment of relief – movements that were painful aren’t anymore.” Continuing, she finished by emphasising the difference the brace has made for her, “considering five years ago I was told I’d need a knee replacement, but still haven’t had one, I must be doing pretty well.”

You can find out more about the Unloader One knee brace here or by contacting Össur directly on 0845 006 5065 or email on [email protected]

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