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Strictly Come Dancing 2017: How Simon Rimmer used a Knee Brace to manage his Knee Pain and get fit for the dancefloor!

7th September 2017

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Simon Rimmer has been on our TV screens since he co-presented Something For The Weekend in 2006 and has been cooking up a storm ever since. This Saturday (9th September 2017) however he will be swapping out the kitchen for the dancefloor in the 15th season of Strictly Come Dancing.

It is commonly known that Simon Rimmer is a talented chef and TV personality, however, one thing that many people are unaware of is his knee pain. Following a knee injury, Simon underwent micro fracture and meniscal repair surgery and was told he would never run again, something that bothered him a lot. He undertook rehab and physiotherapy in an attempt to build strength and fitness and allow him to run again. Although this rehab had the desired effect with regards to Simon’s fitness he was still experiencing pain after a short period of running.

It was at this point that his physiotherapist suggested the use of an offloading knee brace. Similar to the Unloader One, which has been recently featured in the media, his knee brace, also by Icelandic company Össur, is ‘based on the clinically-proven 3-points of Leverage System’ to reduce pain and improve function of the knee.

When asked about the offloading knee brace, Simon Rimmer said “The key for me is that if it wasn’t for the brace, I wouldn’t have been able to train to get me as fit as I need to be to compete is Strictly Come Dancing, I wear it for all my weight bearing training which mainly consists of running on the treadmill and boxing, it is always with me.” While he is yet to need the brace while dancing, as it consists of mainly twisting and turning, he would not hesitate if he felt he needed it and always has it with him.

How does an offloading knee brace work?

Össur explains on its website that an offloading knee brace ‘applies a gentle force designed to reduce the pressure on the affected part of the knee, resulting in reduction in pain and thus allowing the patient to use the knee normally and more frequently.’

While in Simon Rimmer’s case, the offloading brace has enabled recovery from surgery, they are commonly used to treat and alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis. You can contact Össur directly to find out more about the Unloader One knee brace by calling 08450 065 065 or emailing [email protected]

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