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Sustainable Pain Control: How a knee brace helps live a pain free life

24th August 2017

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With national treasure, Ant McPartlin, emerging from the other side of a public battle with prescription drug abuse, many media outlets, and their consumers, are remaining focussed on his addiction to painkillers and what caused his knee pain in the first place. One thing that has been less publicised is his recovery without painkillers and how he is moving forward pain free.

Talking openly about his knee pain in an interview with The Sun, Ant was photographed wearing a discreet, subtle offloading knee brace; the Unloader One. This knee brace, manufactured by Össur UK, is a revolutionary knee brace used by surgeons across the UK with excellent results. The innovative brace has been clinically proven to reduce knee pain, improve knee function and reduce the reliance on pain medication. The Unloader One applies gentle force to reduce the pressure on the affected area of the knee, resulting in a reduction in pain and thus allowing the patient to use the knee normally and more frequently.

Did you know that 1 in 5 people consult their GP about a musculoskeletal problem?[1] Therefore it is no surprise that Ant McPartlin is not the only celebrity having to manage daily knee pain. Sharron Davies, Olympic games medallist and popular gladiator, has been suffering with knee pain for most of her career dating all the way back to a childhood injury. She uses an Unloader One brace to live life pain free and keep active as well as avoiding knee surgery. Acting as an ambassador for the Unloader One knee brace, Sharron Davies has been involved in a number of projects advocating the use of the brace and showing people how much it can change their lives.

Arthritis Research UK (ARUK) understands the importance of raising awareness surrounding joint pain like that experienced by Ant, Sharron and many other people in the UK. It has just launched a campaign to highlight the issue that the UK currently faces with regards to joint pain and aiming to show the #JointProblem that will have an impact on the economy, the health service, individuals and families if not addressed. ARUK has generated a series of powerful ads to showcase just how many people are affected by joint pain.

Arthritis Research UK - Arthritis The Nation's Joint Problem - OA Knee Pain

If knee joint pain is negatively impacting your life and you would like to explore pain control without the use of medication, get in touch with the Össur Customer Care team who can put you in touch with your closest clinic for an assessment. The Unloader One brace can be used post-operatively, but can also be used as an alternative to surgery as it is a fully non-invasive treatment option.

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[1] Arthritis Research UK National Primary Care Centre, Keele University (2009), Musculoskeletal Matters.

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