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Welcome to the OA Knee Pain London clinic

The OA Knee Pain Clinic in London is here you offer help and advice on your knee pain. As a specialist physiotherapist clinic we serve the City of London with clinics in the City of London, Moorgate, the Houses of Parliament, Vauxhall and Mayfair.

We work with patients with different types of injuries and conditions but have a significant amount of experience in managing those patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. We know the importance of selecting the correct treatment when it comes to knee osteoarthritis which is why we work closely with our patients and believe that a combination of treatments is the most successful. We believe that a combination of physiotherapy, exercise, lifestyle changes and the use of a knee brace offers the best clinical outcomes and the greatest benefits for everyday life of the patient.

What makes us special?

OA Knee Pain London is one of the leading clinics specialising in sports medicine and physiotherapy. A forerunner in physiotherapy in London as well as injury prevention and hold a firm reputation for providing a first-class service, tailored to clients’ specific needs. Equipped to assess, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate a wide range of injuries from lower back pain and sciatica to complex knee injuries related to sport and training.

OA Knee Pain London work with some of the top sports doctors and surgeons in London, to give comprehensive support to all patients.

Where you can find us

Our locations:

  • Bank, City of London
  • Moorgate London Wall
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Vauxhall
  • Mayfair

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What to expect from your Consultation:

Once you have completed your form submission and it has been received by the clinic you will receive a phone call, or you will be emailed a digital triage form to be returned to the clinic.

Please be prepared to discuss:

  • Your diagnosis
  • Pain level
  • Previous treatment
  • Treatments you would consider
  • Any other information about your knee OA

We work with private HCP registered physiotherapists who can offer a multitude of treatments: movement and exercise, manual therapy, bracing, education, individual advice and private referral.

N.B. Please be aware that you are not obligated to buy anything from our clinics, we are simply here to offer help and advice on your knee pain in the hope that you find the most suitable treatment. Any additional appointments or treatments you book with the private clinic will be charged at the clinic's usual rate (Please ask the clinic their standard rate before moving ahead with any treatment).

*Due to current COVID related restrictions your appointment may be virtual to ensure that social distancing can be maintained and all parties remain safe.

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