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Össur are a global leader in non-invasive orthopaedic solutions including prosthetics and bracing.

Established in 1971, by leading Prosthetist Össur Kristinsson, the business has more than 40 years of knowledge in every product, with clinically proven designs and a specific focus in enhancing a patient’s mobility.

In the field of prosthetics the business works with the NHS, the Military and private clinics in offering a range of solutions for all ages, from helping children to walk and run again to helping Paralympic athletes such as Richard Whitehead, Jonnie Peacock and Jody Cundy achieve their goals on the world stage and everything inbetween.

In the field of orthotics Össur have been working with the NHS for over 10 years in the supply of bracing by utilising the latest technology to provide functional healing solutions to patients in ankle injury management to Halo systems for the management of spinal column injuries.

The Unloader One remains one of the most innovative and successful products on the market for the management of osteoarthritis of the knee, a degenerative condition resulting in the gradual breakdown of cartilage within the knee joint.

In the extreme sports market Össur has developed the CTi knee brace which is manufactured from carbon fibre and is designed to stabilise and protect the knee joint from impact damage following ligament injuries. The brace is worn by professionals throughout the extreme sports spectrum including skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and motocross.

For further information please visit www.ossur.co.uk

Össur Webshop

The Össur Webshop was built in order to offer non-invasive orthotic solutions to the general public, building on the global reputation of Össur as a leading manufacturer and distributer of innovative solutions for enhancing the mobility of patients.

It is the only retail channel available from the business and offers everything from ankle supports to knee supports to elbow supports to help with your return from injury.

We are all likely to suffer an injury, whether as a result of overuse, trauma or following a medical condition, at some stage and bracing is simply seen as an additional treatment option to aid in your overall recovery.

Diagnosis remains essential in being able to identify which brace you need as there are a variety of options available depending on your needs, the condition you wish to manage and its severity. A brace can provide compression, stability or a combination of both – thereby allowing you to remain active for longer throughout your rehabilitation.

For further information on bracing visit www.ossurwebshop.co.uk

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