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Tom Williams

Tom's background is initially from international sport competing for Great Britain from a Junior to Senior in Tournament Waterskiing. Before retiring completed a Sports Science degree to assist his training and hopefully future career. Noticing the demand for professional sports injury services in the UK he went on to study Physiotherapy at Guy's Hospital. Tom now has been involved in treating elite sportsmen and women for the past 25 years. He specialises in the accelerative recovery programmes for not only the professional or recreational sports person but also for someone following a hip or knee replacement with the aim to maximise their rehabilitation potential. The post surgical rehabilitation is one of his special interests working to achieve the maximum benefit from the procedure and return to sports / recreational activities where possible. Tom works closely with many orthopaedic surgeons to achieve the best results.

Since 1999 Tom has been the British Waterski Team Physiotherapist and sports science service provider. He continues to work in this role travelling to the European and World Championships each year. Also currently working with many professional Wakeboarders and Stunt performers.

Specialist Physiotherapist consultant for Wimbledon FC. 1998-2006

Sports Science service for Arrow F1 Team

Physiotherapist for UK athletics - travelled with Heptathlon Team

English Institute of Sport - Physiotherapist cover

Physiotherapist to Professional tennis player Wayne Ferreira

Tom has experience in treating injuries from a wide range of sports and recreational activities and applies his own experiences in sport and the scientific approach from the sports science and physiological / biomechanical expertise from the physiotherapy aspect to diagnose and treat with great success.

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